Butterflies have been learning about Pablo Picasso and his unique art style.   We then had a go at making our own Picasso style portraits.

First we drew two self portraits.

Then we clipped them together.

After that we cut them into sections.

Finally we placed different sections from each portrait together, like a jigsaw.

We hope that you like the results…

20161107_085351-copy 20161107_085400-copy 20161107_085409-copy 20161107_085420-copy 20161107_085435-copy 20161107_085445-copy 20161107_085456-copy 20161107_085526-copy 20161107_085534-copy 20161107_085543-copy 20161107_085551-copy 20161107_085602-copy 20161107_085612-copy 20161107_085623-copy 20161107_085637-copy 20161107_085644-copy 20161107_085653-copy 20161107_085701-copy 20161107_085710-copy 20161107_085719-copy 20161107_085728-copy