Climbing a mountain


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The new Year 3s have been reading The Robot and the Bluebird. We wanted to write about the Robot’s journey so we went into the hall and pretended to walk through the forest, cross the river and climb up the snowy mountain. it was very difficult and windy!


Year 3 trip to Hillier Gardens


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Year 3 visit to Hillier Gardens


We loved walking round the gardens and ponds and looking at the beautiful plants, trees and flowers.


Some of the gardens felt like a pre-historic jungle!


We also looked at many  of the sculptures and statues made by local artists.


We also did some pond dipping and found newts!


Chameleons’ Volcano models – Part 2


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Welcome to Part 2….

The Volcano models are beginning to take shape now that the paint has been added.

We looked at photos of famous Volcanoes to help us with our painting.

Chameleons’ Volcano models – Part 1


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Chameleons have loved learning about The Earth and how it was formed. We have particularly loved making model Volcanoes!

These photos show the process of how we made our models.

It was great to see amazing team work and to see the transformation from old newspapers and a plastic bottle into an erupting Volcano!


World Book Day fun in Chameleons!


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We had a fabulous day on World Book Day, dressing up, reading books and having a Where’s Wally treasure hunt!

Congratulations to the amazing, inspiring children who participated in Rock Challenge too!

(I’m sure David Walliams would be very proud of seeing his book ‘The Boy in the Dress’ performed so brilliantly!

How to Wash Your Elephant! Chameleons have been following instructions…


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Have you got an elephant who is always rolling in mud?

Elephants need to be kept clean or they often become unhealthy. Use this handy set of instructions to ensure you keep your pet squeaky clean.

  1. Firstly, prepare your elephant for their bathing session in an area with plenty of space. Make sure that your animal is calm, well-fed and content. It may help to tickle their tummies to relax them if they are nervous about getting wet.

2. Next, prop up step ladders beside your pet otherwise it is impossible to reach the top of their body. Climb the ladders carefully as you carry the hosepipe. Use lukewarm water to completely soak your elephant’s skin.

3. After that, squeeze a whole bottle of elephant shampoo onto the animal’s back. Use the sweeping brush to reach up and scrub every part of their dirty skin. Start at their back and work downwards to their feet.


4. Afterwards, rinse them off until all of the soap suds are gone. Be very careful not to let any of the shampoo drip into your pet’s eyes as the pain could cause them to suddenly charge at you.

5. Now, you need to make your elephant lie down. A tasty bun may be helpful to convince them to go down to the ground. Use the sand paper to file the dead skin from the bottom of their feet and the nail clippers to trim their toenails. As a result, you should watch out for sharp bits of flying elephant toenail!



6. Finally, you need to gently clean your elephant’s nostrils and ears using the feather duster. This can be very dangerous. Move quickly away from your elephant’s trunk if they begin to shake or start to breathe more heavily. You do not want to be in the firing line of a powerful elephant sneeze!

Ancient Egyptian exhibition in Chameleons


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After all their hard work on learning about the Ancient Egyptians, Chameleons finally had their exhibition!

They looked fabulous and loved dressing up!


Owls Ancient Egyptian Day 


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Owls class thoroughly enjoyed their Ancient Egyptian day today and loved showing some of the parents their amazing work produced from this topic. 

Here are a few photos of some of the amazing costumes the children wore today. 

Dolphins have a fabulous afternoon with an Egyptian.


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On Monday 21st November we had a special visitor. She was Isis, wife of the famous Egyptian God Osiris. We joined her on a trip down the Nile where we met crocodiles, made pyramids and helped to mummify a body. Luckily it was all in our imagination! Enjoy our photos that show us enjoying our dramatic journey.

Halloween – Owls 


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In Owls class we learnt about the origin of Halloween. Here are some photobooth style photos we took.