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At the beginning of this half term Year 3 received a letter from ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’ explaining that he had been trying to make some sandwiches but everything went wrong. Therefore, he needed Year 3 to make him some new sandwiches to share at an indoor picnic with their parents and write some stories for entertainment.

Year 3 set straight to work and over the past couple of weeks have created some fantastic stories. However, they still needed to make the sandwiches so today they had a design technology day.

Firstly, the children looked at healthy eating.


Then, they  tried and evaluated some different fillings. Not many liked the tuna!

IMG_20151126_101414 IMG_20151126_101400 IMG_20151126_101603 IMG_20151126_101607 IMG_20151126_101615 IMG_20151126_101630  IMG_20151126_101705 IMG_20151126_101851 IMG_20151126_101900 IMG_20151126_102021

After, we designed our sandwiches, using our design criteria. There were some very interesting ideas!

IMG_20151126_110125 IMG_20151126_110138 IMG_20151126_110143  IMG_20151126_110154 IMG_20151126_110156 IMG_20151126_110205 IMG_20151126_110334  IMG_20151126_110350 IMG_20151126_110421   IMG_20151126_111022 IMG_20151126_110508 IMG_20151126_111116 IMG_20151126_111125 IMG_20151126_111256  IMG_20151126_111331 IMG_20151126_111402

Next, we created our sandwiches. Whilst half made the sandwiches the other half created a poster about how to do this safely and hygienically.

IMG_20151126_133920 IMG_20151126_133922 IMG_20151126_133930 IMG_20151126_133936 IMG_20151126_134022 IMG_20151126_134028 IMG_20151126_134038 IMG_20151126_134134 IMG_20151126_134149 IMG_20151126_134219 IMG_20151126_134427 IMG_20151126_134451 IMG_20151126_134409 IMG_20151126_134452 IMG_20151126_134459 IMG_20151126_134540 IMG_20151126_134520  IMG_20151126_134603_1 IMG_20151126_134613  IMG_20151126_134746 IMG_20151126_134655 IMG_20151126_134625

Lastly. we invited our friends and family in to enjoy the sandwiches and share our stories with us.

Some of the children even wrote something of their own about the day, using the chrome books, for the blog.

‘On Thursday 26th of November we made sandwiches and stories that we shared with our parents. In the morning we learnt about healthy eating and we ate some jam, chocolate spred and cheese. Then we came back from play and we designed our sandwiches’. Jacob Dean

‘On Thursday the 26th of November lovely Whales Class planed and made their fabulous sand witches. They’ve also talked about a healthy diet so that their sand witches are not just tasty but healthy too! When their sandwiches, as yummy as the best food ever, are finished they will show them to their friendly, kind and happy parents’. Gabriel Jeffery

‘On Thursday the 26th of November Whales read the lighthouse keepers message. So we came in and learnt about how to have a healthy diet. Then we sorted food into their food groups and tried ingredients. After we created our design. In the afternoon we made the sandwiches and we ATE them’. Madilyn Parker

‘On the 26th November we made  sandwiches.When we got in we learnt about healthy foods and looked at their food groups.After break we did a design of our sandwiches.Next we made our sandwiches ready for our parents to come in. To make entertainment   we prepared our stories to read. Also we learnt to not make our sandwiches too full because when you eat it it will fall apart. We also learnt to make it look good,smell nice and make it a creative shape’. Kyra Sowe

‘Today Whales made the Lighthouses keepers lunch. Mr Grinling sent us a message because the pesky seagull took his lunch and he got angry so we made our own sandwiches for our parents to eat and we shared them at 2.30’. Ella Trueman

We all had a fantastic time!

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