Incredible Ice Skating experience


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Today Year 3 were given the fantastic opportunity to visit the ice skating rink at Park Community School. There was lots of excitement, laughter and smiles as the children took to the rink.


There was also lots of bumps and falls but the children coped with this brilliantly. Most children laughed it off, then got up and had another try! It was fantastic to see them putting their risk taking learning muscle into action.


It was also lovely to see them collaborating so well together. They all helped each other around the rink and picked each other off the cold floor. They even tried to help scared Miss Hogan leave the side!


It was a magical morning and the children all have lots to talk about!

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What a fantastic morning it was and you were all so brilliantly behaved. Thank you for doing your school and teachers proud (and for helping me off the sides).
Miss Hogan

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