SEARCH Museum – Owls


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At the SEARCH Museum the children had the opportunity to investigate and explore the human and animal skeletons in a variety of activities. Here are some amazing pictures of our little scientists at work.

img_7778 img_7779 img_7780 img_7782 img_7783 img_7785 img_7788 img_7799 img_7800 img_7801 img_7802 img_7803 img_7804 img_7805 img_7806 img_7807 img_7808 img_7809 img_7812 img_7816 img_7817 img_7818 img_7819 img_7820 img_7822 img_7823 img_7825 img_7827 img_7830 img_7832 img_7834 img_7835 img_7836 img_7837 img_7838 img_7839 img_7840 img_7843

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Great pics!! Looks awesome and they all look so in grossed, I know Roxy thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Thanks for the update

Lesley Kite (Roxy’s mum)

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