Shaving Foam Rain Clouds


Posted by Mr Addison | Posted in Blog Posts | Posted on 20-02-2018

We are having a week based on a video called “Made of More” that looks at clouds. We will be writing about a cloud that goes on a journey through a city. As part of this mini-topic, we made clouds out of shaving foam. We then added food colouring to act as the rain.

A link to some instructions is here: 

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Clouds are amazing. They look so solid, yet they are just made of water and air. This looks like a really cool project to do. Can’t wait to read about what you all do next.

They look beautiful and must have been fun to make. I wonder why the shaving cream floats on the water.

They look good enough to eat, like ice creams you get at the seaside. Makes me wish you could get clouds with raspberry ripple flavour ( cloudy with a chance of ice-cream)

super science- and a great activity !

An interesting read.
Thank you for sharing!
Is a cloud ever the same as another cloud?
Mr C

Wow year 3! This looks like so much fun, I think I might have to try this with my class too. I’d love to read some of your writing about your clouds- I do wonder about the the exciting things they must see watching us from high above. 🙂

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