Animal Poems


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In Raccoons class we have looked at the Bug Poem, we have written poems about snakes and now we have chosen our own animals to write poems about. We hope that you like them.

April’s Cat Poem

David’s Lizard Poem

Mason’s Dog Poem

Ross’ Spider Poem

Tyler’s Dog Poem

Dylan’s Leopard Poem

Lilly-May’s Piglet Poem

Tia’s Cats Poem

Olivia’s Leopard Poem

Liam’s Raccoon Poem

Isla’s Raccoon Poem

Aroura-Li’s Giraffe Poem

Frankie’s Dog Poem

Levi’s Cat Poem

Brandon’s Fox Poem

Emily’s Leopards Poem

Abigail’s Dog Poem

Amy’s Zebra Poem

Lewis’ Pug Poem

Chloe’s Butterfly Poem

Spencer’s Spider Poem

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I had the privilege of listening to them reading some of the poems in their classroom today. The spider one made me shiver and I loved the piglet poem. They have all written great poems. Well done Raccoons 🙂

Wow- some great rhyming and use of alliteration. I love the variety! Well done Year 4.

These poems are fantastic, well done!

good poems good rhyming in some of them all very good. all of the spider ones i have to admit made me shiver but you all have done a very good job at making poems well done year 4 🙂 enjoyed reading them.

Well done raccoons


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