Accelerated Reader at Riders


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Accelerated Reader at Riders

Hopefully you have heard all about Accelerated Reader and your children have told you all about it. If not, this guide is for you. I’ll explain what it is, who it is for and how you can help your child with their reading.

What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

Accelerated Reader is a computer programme which we use at Riders to monitor your child’s reading. It serves two functions: to assess your child’s reading level using the ‘STAR Reading’ programme and then to provide individual book quizzes using the ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme. The STAR Reading programme helps us decide which level books children should be reading and the Accelerated Reader programme helps us to understand how well children are reading those books.


Who uses Accelerated Reader at Riders?

Accelerated Reader is used by all children in the junior school from Year Three through to Year Six. Some children in Year Two may take part too if they are reading white or lime books or are a free reader. See your child’s teacher if you are a year two parent and you want to know your child’s reading level and if they are ready for Accelerated Reader.


How does Accelerated Reader work?

Your child will start with a STAR Reading quiz. This quiz asks 35 questions to ascertain your child’s reading level. It is a computer adaptive test which means that if the quiz-taker answers questions correctly, the questions get more challenging. Conversely, if the quiz-takers answers questions incorrectly, the questions get a little easier. After answering all 35 questions, the child is given a book level. This could be any level from 0.5 to 20.0 but in primary school the highest level is usually around 6.0. This then guides your child to choose a book which will challenge them at an appropriate level for them. They can then go to the school library where the books are all organised into book level and they can then select a book that interests them at their appropriate level.

The children then read the book. If it’s a longer chapter book it is recommended that the children make notes about what they have read so that they can remember the events in the book to make it easier when taking a quiz.

After reading a book, your child will then access the Accelerated Reader programme. This will produce a 5, 10 or 20 question quiz about that particular book. The quiz length is determined by the length of the book. A short picture based book may have 5 questions whereas a Harry Potter book may have 20 questions, for example. After taking the quiz, your child will be given a percentage score and a breakdown of how they have faired on the quiz.

What happens next?

As well as having a book level, each book also has an attached number of points. Smaller books have fewer points, larger books have more points. Many of the smaller books in our library have 0.5 points but there are also some of our larger novels that are 18 points!

Depending on how well your child does on a quiz will determine how many points he or she gets for reading that book. If your child gets 80% on a 10 point book, he or she will receive 8 points for reading that book (80% of the 10 points available). This is true as long as your child achieves greater that 60% on a book. If children score less than 60%, they do not receive any points for that book.

How are children rewarded?

Children are rewarded by the number of points they earn. They will get awards for the following points:

10 points = bronze star reader (bronze pencil and a bronze star certificate)

25 points = silver star reader (silver pencil and a silver star certificate)

50 points = gold star reader (gold pencil and a gold star certificate)

There are more rewards for further points but these will be discussed at a later date.

If you would like any further information about Accelerated Reader, please see Mrs Tunnicliffe who will happily discuss it further with you.

Also, watch out for further year group workshops and library events during the year.


Year 4 Trip-Farm to Fork


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Yesterday the whole of Year 4 visited our local Tesco Extra. Here we were given a behind the scenes tour of the superstore and gained valuable insight into where our food comes from and how it is made. First we were greeted by our smiley guide for the day, then we were all given clipboards, tunics and hats, so we could feel what it might be like to actually work there. After that we stopped off in the bakery and found out how they make bread. Did you know that they make around 80 loaves a day? On hot days this Tesco will sell over 12000 rolls a day!!!

Following the bakery, we visited the fishmongers, tasted different types of cheeses, discovered where our fruit and veg comes from and chilled out in the freezer for a bit. The freezer was minus eighteen degrees! Brrrrrrrrr!



Making Shapes!


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Last week, to support our work on shape, we explored lots of different shapes and how we could make 2D shapes with our bodies. It was such a fun lesson! We tried making shapes on our own then buddying up and making shapes with our partners. We managed to make rectangles, triangles and even a rhombus!

Topic Lessons – Natural Disasters


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So far this half term, we have been learning all about the world we live in and how natural disasters occur. We began by looking at the layers of the earth and made our own models of what this would look like using play dough. Last week we were learning about tsunamis and created our own ‘mini tsunamis’ in the classroom. Everyone had lots of fun and it helped us to understand the impact of a tsunami.


A Morning Full of Measuring for Chimps!


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In Maths this week, we have been learning all about different types of measurement. We started by looking at money earlier in the week and today we have been measuring length, capacity and weight.

We had to carefully work out what the scale was going up in on each of pieces of measuring equipment before we could measure it accurately. We even measured Millie-May and Logan!! Next week we will be converting the measurements we took today into other units of measure.

Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to!


Fishbourne Roman Palace


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Over the past 2 days Year 4 were lucky enough to visit Fishbourne Roman Palace. During the 1960s the palace was discovered when a workman was digging a trench. Since then they have discovered lots of artefacts that the Romans used during this time. Below is a video to show all the amazing things we did on our trip. It includes: writing on a wax tablet; pretending to be slaves; working in a Roman kitchen; building a wall and many, many more exciting things! We hope you enjoy watching our video. We certainly enjoyed our trip!!



Chimps Tag Rugby Lessons


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During this half term we have been having lots of fun learning the skills to play tag rugby. We have all really enjoyed our lessons. Here is a video of some photos and videos from our lessons over the past couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy it!

Multicultural week-Aboriginal Art


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This week at Riders has been multicultural week. In year 4 we have been learning about Aborigines: their spiritual beliefs, creation stories, traditional ways of life and how this has been reflected in their artwork. We were very lucky to have had the skills and knowledge of artist Steve Porter, who spent two days this week helping the children to create some extraordinary aboriginal art. Below are some photographs of the children’s sessions with Steve Porter. 20161003_094639 20161003_094644 20161003_094703 20161003_094713 20161003_094730 20161003_094742 20161003_095500 20161003_095502 20161003_095522 20161003_100447 20161003_100455 20161003_100500 20161003_100743 20161003_100858 20161003_100907 20161003_100914 20161003_100920 20161003_100925 20161003_101055 20161003_101058 20161003_101108 20161003_105702 20161003_105713 20161003_105722 20161003_105729 20161003_105738 20161003_105917 20161003_110418 20161003_110954 20161003_111021 20161003_111125 20161003_112637 20161003_112643 20161003_112652 20161003_112802 20161003_112949 20161003_113012 20161003_113125 20161003_113530 20161003_113638 20161003_114133 20161003_114144 20161003_114207 20161003_115017 20161003_115033 20161003_115204 20161003_115255 20161003_115303 20161003_115315 20161003_115331 20161003_115340 20161003_115516 20161003_115711 20161003_115737 20161003_115749 20161003_135152 20161003_135301 20161003_135356 20161003_135420 20161004_090759 20161004_090852 20161004_090856 20161004_091008 20161004_091320 20161004_091351 20161004_091402 20161004_092148 20161004_092337 20161004_092409 20161004_093319 20161004_093413 20161004_093506 20161004_093614 20161004_093657 20161004_093824 20161004_094044 20161004_094052 20161004_094347 20161004_094527 20161004_094533 20161004_094644 20161004_094649 20161004_101019 20161004_101032 20161004_101139 20161004_101149 20161004_101220 20161004_101410 20161004_101908 20161004_102108 20161004_102138 20161004_105506 20161004_105515 20161004_105524 20161004_105527 20161004_105534 20161004_105539 20161004_110416 20161004_110425 20161004_110434 20161004_110446 20161004_111910 20161004_111921 20161004_111928 20161004_112349 20161004_112423 20161004_112556 20161004_112605 20161004_112613 20161004_112618 20161004_112633 20161004_114502 20161004_114514 20161004_114614 20161004_114725 20161004_114801 20161004_114936 20161004_114943 20161004_114958 20161004_115006 20161004_115028 20161004_120033 20161004_120036 20161004_120041 20161004_120051 20161004_120058 20161004_120119 20161004_120135 20161004_120150 20161004_120247 20161004_120301 20161004_120332 20161004_120558 20161004_120657 20161004_120756 20161004_120835 20161004_120903 20161004_120957 20161004_121330 20161004_131812 20161004_131820 20161004_131828 20161004_131831 20161004_131839 20161004_131851 20161004_132420 20161004_132444 20161004_133258 20161004_133305 20161004_133325 20161004_133345 20161004_143944 20161004_143949 20161004_143956 20161004_143959 20161004_144005 20161004_144017 20161004_144020 20161004_144030 20161004_144043 20161004_144049 20161004_144054 20161004_144100 20161004_144108 20161004_144115-1

Chimps Go Bug Hunting


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This afternnon, Chimps class went exploring the school grounds to find some animals. We have been learning all about animals and their habitats and this week have been focussed on classifying and identifying invertebrates.

We were so impressed with all the animals we managed to find! We hope you enjoy looking through the photos we took on our bug filled afternoon.

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Mirror mirror


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In Raccoons class today we were investigating the use of mirrors. We drew wiggly lines on the playground and then looked in the mirror to try and follow the lines. We also had a go at mirror writing in class too.