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We planted cress seeds and watered one with water and one with lemonade. We left it for about a week and watered them a few times. Today we had a go at tasting them.

Tyler – It was a little bit spicy

David – It looks like a little rainforest

April – It was gross…both of them

Brandon – It tasted really nice

Abigail – It tasted nice



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I think that we made god progress

I wonder why the cress watered with lemonade didn’t do as well as the dress that got water? Do you think it affected the taste?
Fae Ms Breyley
Burravoe School, Shetland

What an interesting idea, well done Y4! I wonder if Coca-Cola Cress tastes better? 🙂

How yummy the cress grown in water looks. I am glad because water is cheaper and more hygienic. I would like to know how long the cress took to grow that big because we want to do something similar at our university.


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