Roman Chariots


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As part of our Roman topic, this week we have designed and built our own chariots. We watched clips of Ben Hur on YouTube and also looked at photos and drawings of chariots. We then designed our own before working together to build our models. If was very tough and we had to think about how to cooperate to get the job done. Once built, we painted them.

We hope you enjoy looking through the photos.

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very nice work you lot have done well at the roman chariots how did you make them bye.

Those are brilliant! The Romans conquered Britain thanks to an incredibly well organised and disciplined army…and it looks like you have tapped into some of that organisation and discipline yourselves to make these cooperatively! Love the bright colours – very imperial. The emperor would be proud.

Wow. Looks like a lot of hard work but fun. Any idea how fast Roman chariots could go?

nice chariots

WoW they look really cool it must of took a long time to do and it was definetly worth it.

I really love your design. You’ve worked really hard.

we did the romans in year 3

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