Greek Pots – a messy afternoon!!


Posted by tchimps | Posted in Blog Posts | Posted on 03-02-2016

To support our learning on the Ancient Greeks, we have designed and now started creating our own Greek pots from clay. Yesterday afternoon we started the messy job of moulding our pots into the shapes we wanted. Here are some pictures of Chimpanzees Class to show you how they are looking so far! We will post more pictures once they are dry and beautifully painted!!

IMG_20160202_141202 IMG_20160202_141241 IMG_20160202_141306 IMG_20160202_141321 IMG_20160202_141344 IMG_20160202_141427 IMG_20160202_141557 IMG_20160202_141605 IMG_20160202_141609 IMG_20160202_141612

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