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Be back soon | Year 6

Be back soon


Posted by orangutans | Posted in Blog Posts | Posted on 04-07-2016

Be Back Soon

You can go,
But be back soon
You can go,
But while you’re working.
This place,
I’m pacing round…
Until you’re home,
Safe and sound

Fare thee well,
But be back soon
Who can tell
Where danger’s lurking?
Do not forget this tune
Be back soon.

You can go
But be back soon
You can go,
But bring back plenty
Of wallets full of cash
don’t want to see any trash
Whip it quick,
and be back soon
Only thick ones now not empty
Get rich this afternoon
Be back soon.

Cheerio, but be back soon.
I dunno, somehow I’ll miss you
I love you, that why I
Say, “Cheerio”…
Not goodbye.

Don’t be gone but be back soon

Give me one last look of pleasure

Remember our old tune

We’ll be back soon

(Oliver only )

So long, farewell well
Pip! Pip! Cheerio!
We’ll be back soon

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