This week we have been busy building our bridges from dowling wood.We had to measure all of wood accurately and mark it with a pencil before beginning to cut it. We made sure that safety was considered when using the saws, the children used bench hooks and supported each other with keeping it on the table while sawing. A few groups encountered problems such as: running out of wood because they had not measured it accurately, having to adapt plans around new problems as the arose, and not cutting the wood straight at the edges.

We tested the bridges with weights to see how strong they were. All of the bridges held up (even with a few wobbles!) The children were all relieved and discussed  the fact that using triangles helped to disperse the weight aand so made the bridge stronger. Other groups had crisscrossed wood which also helped to support the weight.

Year six have all worked extremely  hard these last few days and I am proud of their perseverance and teamwork skills.

Well Done!