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[right side]  Oliver! Oliver!

[Left side] Never before has a boy asked for more

[Right side] Oliver! Oliver!

[Left side] Won’t ask for more when he knows what’s him in store

[Right side] There’s a dark thin, winding stairway without any banister                                                        Which we’ll throw him down and feed him on cockroaches served in a canister

[Left side]  Oliver! Oliver!

[Right side] What will he do when he’s turned black and  blue?                                                                      He will curse the day somebody named him

[All] O-li-ver



Oliver! Oliver!
Never before has a boy wanted more!
Oliver! Oliver!

Won’t ask for more
When he knows what’s in store.

There’s a sooty chimney
Long overdue for a sweeping out
Which we’ll push him up,
And one day next year with the rats he’ll be creeping out.

Oliver! Oliver!

What will he do?
In this terrible stew?
He will rue the day somebody name him…

(Mr Bumble)


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