Our trip to Charles Dickens birth place and Spice Island – Portsmouth


Posted by orangutans | Posted in Blog Posts | Posted on 28-01-2016

On Friday the 5th of December, year 6 went to Portsmouth (in relation to our topic of Portsmouth) to visit Charles Dickens birth place and Spice Island. During the visit to Dickens birth place, we had a conversation with a woman and man who dressed as Charles’ ┬áparents, ( John and Elizabeth Dickens.) They were wearing old fashioned clothing.

Our year group have  read one of Dickens books, A Christmas Carol . After we had explored the Dickens household we went round the streets of Portsmouth (Spice island) to do a quiz and the prize was five dojo points plus ten raffle tickets after one hour of looking around we had answered most of the quiz and sat down to have our lunch in the cold. We were then off again to continue our search for the answers to the quiz. Moments later, most of us went into a fish shop, there was a lot of different types of fish there, it stunk! Finally, we got to get inside the warmth of the coach and began our journey back to school.



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