Our trip to Fort Purbrook


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On Monday, ( 23rd of November) we all went to Fort Purbrook  for a Junior Citizen course.  A Junior Citizen course is where children learn about what to do in possibly life threatening situations and how to become responsible members of our community .

First, we had a lady who told us about domestic abuse;  then we had a Fireman talk to us about fire safety; afterwards, a Policeman and woman told us about online safety; following  this, a man from the Council showed us how to keep our environment clean and tidy and  what rubbish goes in what bin;  finally,  two  Coastguards spoke to us about water dangers and the meaning of  different flag colours. Over all, we had fun and learned a lot.


Here are some pictures of our day:


IMG_20151123_131452 (1) IMG_20151123_131813 (1) IMG_20151123_131902 IMG_20151123_132000 IMG_20151123_133143 IMG_20151123_135856 IMG_20151123_135930 (1) IMG_20151123_141147 (1) IMG_20151123_141335 (1) IMG_20151123_141410 (1) IMG_20151123_142123 (1) IMG_20151123_142125 IMG_20151123_142248 (1) IMG_20151123_142401 (1) IMG_20151123_142417 (1)

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I had such a fun day, its nice to see the photos.

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