Our trip to London 2016


Posted by orangutans | Posted in Blog Posts | Posted on 21-01-2016

 Yesterday , (7th January) all of year 6 arrived bright and early at school, ready for an amazing day. We made sure that everybody was here and had a pack-lunch then we headed over to the coach. A few people had a sleep on the way as we did have to be at school for 7:30. Unfortunately, we got stuck in a traffic jam, which added an extra half-an-hour to our 2 hour journey.  Approaching  London, Mrs Tulk did a register to make sure everybody was here ” Megan…. here, Hayden….here, Dylan.B….here,Mia….here..Maddi….here,ext.”

Eventually, we arrived at the Houses of Parliament for a long tour. After we disembarked of the coach we entered the Westminster Education Center  were we got  special lanyards to show that we have been allowed access into the Houses of Parliament. We got to watch a live gallery ( not the art gallery ) , visit the house of lords and visit the cafeteria!  

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