Year 6

Year 6

Year 6


In Year 6 , we are going to sell popcorn on the playground at break times next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The flavours are: Chocmallow, Toffee and Sweet and Salted. The price of one bag of popcorn is 50p. This is to raise money to go towards sch ool trips.

Hampshire Music Visit 

This morning we were lucky to have a visit from musicians from Hampshire Music . They played some beautiful music using the chello and violin . We also had a try at being a conductor. What a fantastic morning...

Accelerated Reader at Riders

Accelerated Reader at Riders Hopefully you have heard all about Accelerated Reader and your children have told you all about it. If not, this guide is for you. I'll explain what it is, who it is for and how you can help your child with their reading. What is...

War Horse and WW1 work in year Six

Above are some examples of the fabulous work completed in year six last term. We explored WW1 poetry , composed our own examples, studied trench warfare and used the text War Horse to generate some fabulous writing....