The recount of Rock Challenge


Overwhelmed with excitement, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves as we eagerly awaited the arrival of the coaches that were taking us to The Guildhall for J Rock (Junior Rock Challenge).                                            Whilst on the coach, there was singing, laughter and music playing and everyone was slowly becoming more and more thrilled at the thought of performing on the big stage in front of a huge audience. Once we had reached the Guildhall, everyone was given special see-through wrist bands to wear, to show that we were part of the event.

Once we got in the auditorium, we found ourselves a section of seating to put our stuff down on and we danced to a variety of songs and had the morning production meeting.  Then it was time for Miss Hepworth to go up on stage to pick out the lucky number from 1-6 for which position we would perform.  She picked……………. number 3.  Then it was time for stage crew to make their way backstage and get the sat ready for our 2 rehearsals.  The others schools then witnessed our potential as we nervously went through our practice runs.

After that, we went for a much needed break at the park, where we ate our lunch.  After we had eaten it was time for the afternoon production meeting, where all the adults had to go up on stage and dance.  Miss C made her way to the front and competed in the air guitar competition,she was so good and funny.

Then the time had come to get into costumes, have our make up done and get our hair styled.  Stage crew got into their specially made black t-shirts too.

Before we knew it was performance time!  We all made our way into our starting positions, hearts pounding, as the voice-over started.  On stage, filled with pride and excitement rushing around our bodies, we danced our hearts out.  The cheers of our parents, teachers and our supporters filled the Guildhall.  We couldn’t have felt any prouder.  What an amazing day, filled with awesome memories that we’ll never forget.

We are Riders……… and we rock!