Year 6 trip to London


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In the morning (7:30)we had to go to school really early.When we all arrived at school, we left at 8:00, it took 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to London!

Approaching to our destination (Houses of Parliament education center.) We had to run inside because it was pouring down with rain and we could also stay dry. After we got our badges on to show that we are visitors, we headed inside.

When we were in there, we had to put our bags on the xray scanner, also we had to go through a scanner yourself   to see if we had any metal on us. The funnest thing when we got scanned was Miss Stapleton she had to get searched because she beeped! Hehehe.

After that embarrassing moment we went to the toilet, finally we went to the Houses of Parliament and it was AMAZING!!!!! We saw house of lords and it was so cool. After we came out of the house of lords we went to the court and that was epic….


Here is a picture of some of us at the front of the house of parliament.

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